Laurence C. Zale, President, is a frequent speaker and writer on connoisseurship, philanthropy and estate planning. Select publications and interviews include:

ARTINFO, Giving It All Away, by William Hanley

Business Week, Keeping Your Collection Off eBay, by Lynn O'Shaughnessy

Canvas: The Arts, Living Portrait: The Art of Art Collecting, by Pat Tanumihardja

Chubb Collectors Newsletter, Collecting For Passion Or Investment: Building A Long Term Collecting Strategy, by Laurence C. Zale

Council on Foundations, Tangible Treasures: Maximizing Your Clients' Philanthropy with Gifts of Collectibles, by Eva Marer & The Council on Foundations

Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine, Donating Art is a Wise Move, by Philip T. Temple & Laurence C. Zale

Journal of Financial Planning, Charitable Giving with Tangible Personal Property: A Tax Primer, by Philip T. Temple & Laurence C. Zale

Merrill Lynch Estate Planning, Charitable Gifts of Tangible Personal Property: Two Case Studies by Philip T. Temple & Laurence C. Zale

Professional Financial, Starting or Building Your Fine Art or Collectible Collection, Valentino Sabuco interviews Laurence Zale